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Why Markethive is the Go To Social/Marketing Network – Reason #3 – Universal Income – Micro Payments

markethive universal income

07/13/2018 Belen, NM

Why Markethive is the Go To Social/Marketing Network

Reason #3

Universal Income – Micro Payments


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Today, we will take a look at the Universal Income – Micro Payments and the Sections that I have highlighted below.


Free Free
$Zero per month $Zero per month
Airdrops ***

Markethive will be launching an Infinity Airdrop. The first drop will be 500 coins for everyone already in the system. Then every new subscriber will receive 500 coins. Thereafter, the amount of coin will decrease, but the Airdrop will remain in force.



Campaign Manager

Multi Member Co-op

Website Rotator

Website Tracking

Asset Map

Backlink Tracking


Conference Rooms

Each member has a conference room

Room widgets for WP

Avatar Engine




Content Marketing

Blogging Broadcasting

WP Plugins

Social Subscriptions

Curation System


Email Marketing

97% delivery rates


Email Broadcasting



Attendance Monitor

Self Replicated Capture Pages

Surveys and PDFs

Group Blogs News Feed

Collaborate – raise up the Group


Leads Funnels

Profile Page

Capture Pages

Survey Pages

Lead Management

Cross Social Networking

Lead Groups Management

Email, Phone, Chat

Social Networks collected



Integrated Into Ecosystem

Linked to Wallet and Exchange


Micro Payments ***

Refer 3 people to activate the universal income micro payments for all system activity. Lifetime Income



We do not track, use cookies or store your personal information. See prior article


Social Media

Private Social Network

Group Messaging

Strategic Collaboration


Content Rich Profile

Profile Page Link Hub

Permalinks for blog posts

Permalinks for capture pages

Video, Images and Calendar

Robot friendly Profile Page


System Tutorials

Step by Step Incentivized

Monetary Rewards

Easy to Complete

Get Paid to Learn the System



Wallet Key to 2FA, KYC, Messaging and Commerce

Universal Income has become a buzzward of late. Wikipedia’s definition is a follows:

basic income, also called basic income guaranteeuniversal basic income (UBI), basic living stipend (BLS) or universal demogrant, is a type of program[2] in which citizens (or permanent residents) of a country may receive a regular sum of money from the government. A pure or unconditional basic income has no means test, much like Social Security in the United States.[3][4][5] Basic income can be implemented nationally, regionally or locally.

An unconditional income that is sufficient to meet a person’s basic needs (at or above the poverty line), is called full basic income, while if it is less than that amount, it is called partial.

Some welfare systems are related to basic income but have certain conditions. As these are not universal, they are more often referred to as guaranteed minimum income systems. For example, Bolsa Família in Brasil is restricted to poor families and the children are obligated to attend school.[6]

A related welfare system is negative income tax, in which the government stipend is gradually reduced with higher labor income. 


Markethive has a different take on the concept.

 Markethive Universal Income


Markethive will be launching an Infinity Airdrop. The first drop will give away 500 Markethive Crypto Coins for everyone already in the system. From that point every new subscriber will receive 500 Markethive coins. Thereafter, the amount of coin will decrease, but the Airdrop will remain in force.

No one can predict what the Markethive Crypto Coin will be worth. Let us say that each is worth $1 after a year. That means that if you kept those Coins for a year they would be worth $500.00. Markethive will have an Exchange and you will be able to exchange the coins for another crypto coin or exchange them for fiat currency. Pretty good return just for joining Markethive for free.

Another way to earn income is through micro payments. The first thing someone will want to do is complete the System Tutorials. When you complete a section you will receive a micro payment in Markethive Coin. This will go directly into your wallet, that we talked about in an earlier article.

We will also be paid micro payments for creating good content, leaving a thoughtful comment on other content. There will be many other ways within the system that you will get paid micro payments. You will have bring in 3 people who are verified, to get paid micro payments. Who would turn down 500 free Crypto Coins!

Finally, a social network that pays you when you create content for the network.


There is one upgrade for the people that want to earn even more.

Markethive Universal Income 

For $100 per month you can get the following:

Includes the free features plus:

Unique vanity address

100% matching free coins on all airdrop campaigns. When someone joins using your link, they will get the free coins as we talked about in the airdrop. If you have upgraded, you will get a matching bonus of the same amount of free coins. The question is, how many people can you give away free coins?

New Registrations coded to your account your account called associates.

Associates (leads) have verified cell phone numbers, verified email, 1 or more social accounts, IP address and geo location.

Advertising Marketing Co-op. Your share of new associates signing up through Markethive campaigns.

Activation of 10+ portals. Portals like a website maker, Press Release website, hiveroom (conference room) and more. As an upgraded associate we can charge what we want for the services that the portal provides and earn more.

Exclusive free Banner advertising through out all the system and traffic portals. 3 sizes in top positions in well-traveled areas.

Exclusive self-replicated ICO like ILP investment site where new investors are coded to you earning additional ILP notes shares.

There you have a few ways for you to earn micro payments or universal income with Markethive. Plus you are building your business at the same time by using all of the free tools.



Richard Mathiason

Markethive Associate

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P.S. When you sign up for free you will be eligible to receive 500 free Markethive Crypto Coins when they do what is called an Airdrop.