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Ernest Holmes

Power of the Word - Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind

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The Power of the Word

Be specific in treating, the direct and definite in your mental work. You’re dealing with intelligence, so deal with It intelligently. The treatment must realize the patient as perfect, must recognize the Word as Power, must know that it breaks down every man-made law and casts it out, that it is the law of harmony and the recognition of the Presence of Good, that within itself it is unbounded, and equipped with the power to execute itself – and it must know that it does this. It must know that there is nothing that can change it, that there is no belief which can hinder it; that it cannot be reversed, misplaced, mislaid, neutralize or destroyed by any opposing force; that it does the thing is supposed to do. And it must know that it is continuous and unremitting and will operate until it does all it is supposed to do.

Jesus said: “heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” And Isaiah understood something of this when he said: “so shall my Word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void.”

Seeing Perfection

when Jesus said to the man, “stretch forth thine hand,” he undoubtedly saw a perfect hand! If everything is mental, and if Jesus saw an imperfect hand instead of a perfect one, no good would have resulted, according to the law of cause and effect. A practitioner does not treat a sick man, he deals only with the idea, a spiritual man; otherwise, he would answer into the vibration of suffering and my himself experience the result of such vibration. From what we know, Jesus must have seen only the perfect hand. Even though he might have recognized the false condition, as far as his word of healing was concerned, and must have been a recognition of perfection… else he could not have been healed.

Healing is not creating a perfect idea or a perfect body; it is revealing an idea which is already perfect. Healing is not a process, it is a revelation, through the thought of the practitioner to the thought of the patient. There may be a process in healing, but not a process of healing. The process in healing is the mental work and the time it takes the practitioner to convince himself of the perfectness of his patient; and the length of time it takes the patient to realize this perfectness.


Power of the Word

Credit: Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 211 – 212). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition. 

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Be Still and Know the Power and Presence of God

Be Still and Know the Power and Presence

Be Still and Know the Power

Be Still and Know

Be Still


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