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Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Mind Healing - Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind

A Primer for Living a Life


Spiritual Mind Healing


A recognition of the power, and the thought and purpose back of mind healing.

Possibility of spiritual mind healing, changing environment, controlling conditions, etc., through the power of right thinking, rests entirely upon the theory that we are surrounded by universal mind, which reacts to our thought – and always according to Law.

Spiritual Man Is Perfect, but his individual use of Life and Law enables him to cover a perfect idea with an apparently imperfect cloak.

Sickness is not a spiritual Reality; it is an experience – and effect and not a cause. The body, devoid of mentality, could neither know nor experience sensation – it is entirely in a fact. The body of man is made from the same and differentiated Spiritual Substance from which all Creation is formed.

Man comes into objectivity with the tendency of the race already subjective fight within him, through race-suggestion. The race experiences sickness and limitation, and this suggestion is more or less operative through all people. It works through the subjective race thought and operates through the individual.

Man need not consciously think negation in order to produce physical disturbance, but the physical correspondent is a logical all, of what he thinks. Thus we see not only how important it is to entertain right thoughts, but also the necessity for having a constructive basis for right thinking. We find that prayer is essential to happiness, for righteous prayer sets the law of the Spirit of life in motion for our good. Prayer is essential to the conscious well-being of the soul. Prayer has stimulated countless millions to hire thoughts and better lives. Prayer is its own answer. Before our prayer is framed in words the possibility of its answer already exists.

We find that faith in God is a spiritual quality of the mind; and an understanding faith is based on immutable principle. Its action is higher than that of the intellect, because it is born of intuition.

One should have faith in himself, faith in his fellow man, in the universe, and in God. Our mind must be steady in its conviction that life is some part of God, and that the Spirit is incarnated in us. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.”

A spiritual practitioner is one who recognizes man as a Spiritual Reality since there is but One Mind the practitioner makes this recognition within his own mind. Through the medium of the One Mind, his statements rise to objective conditions in his patient, according to his belief and the patient’s receptivity. Healing is accomplished to the act of settling Subjective Law in motion. The more spiritual or godlike the mentality of the practitioner, the more powerful the treatment.

A mental treatment begins and ends with the thought of the practitioner, because he is in the same mind in which his patient lives. Treatment is the act of inducing right concepts on the subjective side of life.

Absent and present treatments are the same, for there is no absence in the one presence. So far as the practitioner is concerned, there’s no difference between and absent in a present treatment. He needs only to know whom he wishes to help, realizing that in the field of mind and Spirit there is no apartments, and then he speaks the word for the other person, in full confidence that the Law will operate upon it. He is not concerned where the person is whom he desires to help, or what he may be doing at that particular time. He is concerned only with his own thought relative to this person, endeavoring to bring out in his own mind the realization that this person is a spiritual entity, governed by a perfect Law, directed by positive intelligence, and animated by Divine Love, Love, and Law.

There is no personal responsibility in healing. We should not feel that we put the power into the word. The practitioner directs the Power and lets It work. One does not hold thought in mental healing; he loses thought. A practitioner does not try to suggest, hypnotize or mentally influence; he simply seeks to know that man is now a spiritual being, and he holds to that belief no matter what the appearance may be. Right mental treatment does not tire the one giving the treatment.

Personal magnetism has nothing to do with mental healing. The whole basis of the possibility of mental healing rests upon the premise that we all live in One Creative Mind which reacts to our belief. It is as though there were a Universal year, listening to and hearing everything that we say, feel or think, and reacting to it.

Healing is not a process but a revelation; for the revealing of the perfect man always heals. The process, if there is one, is the time and thought it takes to arrive at the correct understanding of man’s perfect state in spirit.

Anyone can heal who believes that he can, and who will take the time to set that belief in motion through the law. To daily see the perfect man, and to daily declare for his subjective appearance, is correct mental practice and will heal.

A treatment recognizes that all is Mind, and that everything is mental. It dissolves all disease into thought; neutralizes the false thought and recognizes the true. Nothing can stop it from operating except a lack of faith in the reality of Truth and man’s ability to use It.

In giving mental treatment, the practitioner first realizes his own being as spiritual; he then recognizes the spiritual state of his patients being; then he attacks the false claim and brings the evidence of truth to bear against it, thinking in such a manner as to completely destroy the false claim and realize the truth. In such degree as this acknowledgment is complete, petition is transmuted into acceptance, and the mind actually feels that the object of its desire is already an accomplished fact.

The greatest good that can come to anyone is the forming within him of an absolute certainty of himself, and of his relationship to the universe, for every move in the sense of heaven as being outside himself.

Such an understanding teaches us that there can never, a time when we shall stop progressing; that age is an illusion, that limitation is a mistake, that unhappiness is ignorance. This understanding will rob man of his loneliness and give him a sense of security which knows no fear, a piece without which no life can be happy, a poise which is founded on this piece, and a power which is the result of the union of peace with poise.

Spiritual Mind Healing

Credit: Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 177-180). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition. 

Richard Mathiason

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Be Still and Know the Power and Presence of God

Be Still and Know the Power and Presence

Be Still and Know the Power

Be Still and Know

Be Still


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Daily Reading from the Science of Mind 05132016

Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Mind Treatment

A Primer for Living a Life


Spiritual Mind Healing

Never forget that Conscious Mind is the only actor in the universe and in man; that the unconscious or subjective mind is compelled – by reason of its nature – to accept. It can never reject. The body is in effect, with no intelligence of its own. We can now see that a mental treatment is a real, tangible, specific operation, working in perfect accord with known law.

When a practitioner treats anyone, he does not just hope that his patient will get well, he does not ask that the patient may be healed, he does not simply desire that he may be healed; he convinces his own mind that the patient is perfect – a definite piece of mental work, bringing out in his own consciousness (in his own self contemplative, conscious mind) and understanding that the patient is healed and is perfect.

Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind

Treatment is the act, the art, and the science of inducing thought within the mentality of the one treating, which thought shall perceive that the body of the patient is a Divine, Spiritual, and Perfect Idea. Treatment does not necessarily treat every organ of the body specifically, but it does declare the body to be harmonious, and that every specific idea in it is harmonious. It then pays a special attention to what appears as the physical disorder.

As a result of this treatment, Subjective Mind – which is Universal and Omnipresent – accepts the images of the practitioner's thinking, and reflects them in the direction he specifies… To his patient.

The practitioner is not trying to send out thought, hold a thought, or suggest a thought. The practitioner is trying to realize the state of perfection of the patient. We must be certain that we differed differentiate between suggestion (which is all right as far as it goes, but limited) and real metaphysical healing. In metaphysical healing, we are conscious that we are dealing with a Universal Principle or Law, which takes the impressive our thoughts and acts upon it. We are dealing with something that cannot, and does not argue. We are directing It for definite purposes, telling It to do certain things, which It does. That is what occurs when we give a treatment. 

We leave the field of materia medic to do its own work. Our work is done entirely in the field of mind. Without controversy, we work side-by-side with any doctor the patient may desire – we, in the field of mind, the physician in his own field. If this is persisted in over a period of years, the two fields will be brought closer together. This will be one of the greatest steps ever undertaking in the curative art.

When one begins treatment for another, there is sometimes a great sense of personal responsibility. The practitioner, through sympathy, may feel a sense of doubt and burden, but always this is built upon the idea that he, himself, has to accomplish the results! Should this occur, practitioner should begin it wants to treat himself against this thought, for as long as it there is a barrier to healing. Why? Because, when you shift that sense of responsibility down to its last analysis, it is a belief that you cannot heal! Do not give in to that belief – not even for a second – because it is nothing but a thought which says you cannot heal. Nothing but a thought is saying, or could be saying it, and since it is only a thought which says it, it is only a thought which can unsaid. Declare: "my word has the power to heal," and you will find the doubts slipping away.

The practitioner must treat himself to know that the word he speaks is entirely independent, even of himself. If we walk out on the roof of a high building and drop the chair over the side, it will fall to the ground. There is a law which draws it there, we are not responsible for the law, we do not have to make the chair hit the ground. In like manner, if this treatment is through the medium of a law on the subjective side of life, is our business to give the treatment: it is the business of the Law to execute it.

However, as practitioners, we do have an obligation – to treat a case if we take it. If someone says to you casually, "hold a good thought for me today," you should reply: "do you mean you wish me to give you a treatment, to take a definite time – 30 minutes, more or less – and do specific mental work for you? Is that what you wish?" People unfamiliar with this work may still be under the impression that the work done consists of "holding a good thought."

People must come to realize that treatment is a specific thing. Each case is specific, and no two can be treated entirely alike. One is dishonest if he conch tracks to take a larger number of cases than he has time to intelligently treat.

Spiritual Mind Healing

Credit: Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 198 – 200). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition. 

Richard Mathiason

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