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Privacy, Marketplace, Wallet – Free Marketing Tool Number 11,12,13 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 25:06 mark and talk about the Privacy, Marketplace and Wallets. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Privacy - Markethive

Our Privacy Policy

You've heard me talk about that previously no locks, no data storage, no tracking, no cookies, know your customer Doc's are stored on your wallet and we have a delete button. It's called a nuke button. It doesn't mean that you're suspending your account. When you click on our nuke button you completely and totally delete all traces of anything and everything you did in Markethive from the very beginning. It completely, totally, deletes it. I want you understand that we do not keep it. We do not put it into our archives. You push that delete button you never existed with Markethive. True privacy. We don't sell your data to anybody, either and we don't let anybody data-mine us. 

Marketplace - Markethive

Our Marketplace

Markethive has a market network just like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Freelancer, is similar to that. It's built for entrepreneurs to sell their services. It's integrated into our social network and it's empowered with our valuable proprietary tools. Markethive is a marketplace, a network and a work flow.

Wallet - Markethive

Our Wallet

is also extremely proprietary and very innovative. It's an encrypted private messaging system. If you've ever used Skype or Telegram or some of the others, similar to those except it operates strictly peer-to-peer on the blockchain. That means your messaging with anybody else within the system, it's completely and totally encrypted through the blockchain. It's like super VPN and nobody can can listen to you, spy agencies can't get in to listen to your conversations and neither can government's, there's no backdoor. It is completely and totally anonymous and autonomous.

We have a coin wallet and exchange key. What that means is all of the coins that you earn in Markethive automatically go into your wallet. You can convert Markethive coin into Bitcoin, Etherum or anything else that you want. It's also hooked into our exchange. Markethive has its own Exchange. Your wallet can reflect and collaborate between the exchange and your wallet so they keep track of it, they keep each other updated.

We have a know your customer key. In other words, like I was saying, you upload your your government ID, your passport, your selfie, it gets approved and then it gets encrypted and put on the wallet and then when you download that wallet you're the only one that has access to all that private information. We don't. 

What we do have is a key. You got a key now on your wallet so every time you do anything a Markethive it's going to ask for your 2FA login security key. It's gonna know where to send it because of your know your customer key.  This keeps your system extremely secure. Any time you move money or any time you log in or do anything of that nature you must prove who you are through the wallet.

The next post will talk about Airdrops, Micro Payments and Profile Page.

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