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Content Marketing – Free Marketing Tool Number 1 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 14:43 mark and talk about the Content Marketing Section. 

Content Marketing - Markethive -

Content Marketing

Our blog platform has developed over the years, last four years in beta and has high authority with Google. Our blog platform works with Groups so you can create collaborated campaigns.

Markethive has a blog casting feature. What does that mean? Other members of Markethive can subscribe to your blog and when you publish your blog it publishes out to all of their social networks.

Our blog comes with a WordPress plugin that goes into your WordPress website wordpress and every time you blog in the Markethive system, it will publish to your WordPress Website as if you had published it directly from your WordPress Website.

Blog subscribe allows people to set up within their Markethive system 26 of their social networks and they can decide when they subscribe to your blog if they want to publish just to their Twitter feed,  their Facebook, their LinkedIn, their Pinterest, their Instagram or to all of them.

We also have a system called Blog Swipe. Blog Swipe allows you to look at somebody else's blog and if they have authorized you, you're able to push a button and turn it into a draft in your account and go in and edit it or to collaborate with it or curate with it and then we publish it back out as yours. This allows members in Markethive to be able to produce content and sell it to others.

When you create a group, write content, make comments  and more, you will get paid micro payments for doing so. I will talk more about Universal Income and micro payments in another post. By joining Markethive for free you will be eligible to receive 500 Free Markethive Crypto Coin when Markethive starts their Infinity Airdrop.

Email Marketing is the next topic. 

Sign up for Free and be eligible to receive 500 Free Markethive Crypto Coins when they start their Infinity Airdrop