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Leads Funnels, Lead Management, SEO – Free Marketing Tool Number 3,4,5 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 17:13 mark and talk about the Content Marketing Section. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Leads Funnels - Markethive

Leads Funnel System

Markethive delivers to you one of the best capture page systems out there. There are companies that charge a lot of money, monthly, for a funnel system. With Markethive it is free. Capture Widgets so you could utilize our one click sign up registration widgets within your WordPress or any websites that you build. We do the same thing with survey pages. We have widgets and API so you could set these up in facebook or just utilize the survey page just like you do with the capture page.

The Profile Page is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn but it's live all the time. The search engines can see it, anybody can see your profile whether they're logged into Markethive or not, and it is up to you whether you want them to see it or not. You decide this in the Profile Page settings. 

Anybody who lands on a blog that you've produced and they are  not logged in to Markethive as a member it will prompt them to become a member, through you, in order for them to be able to comment. That is pretty typical and common in the industry. 

Lead Management - Markethive

Lead Management System

We give you the ability to categorize and organize your leads into different folders. You can sort them by the by geo sorting, social networks, email, phone, chat because our lead management system gets all of these things for you, especially the profile page.

SEO - Markethive


When if comes to  SEO there is no better system out there. You can get almost get top positioning in Google almost overnight. Whether you create a group, your profile pages, capture pages, your blogs, all of them have permalinks. Your profile page has a link hub so you can hook all of your other assets into your profile page.

We have a thing called a backlink checker so will you plug in all of your different assets where they're pointing to your primary site or wherever they're pointing to our backlink checker will alert you if that particular site whether it's Vimeo, Youtube, Delicious,  Facebook,  Wordpress or a forum someplace, our system will alert you if for some reason a backlink from those sites is not working.

The next post will talk about Conference Rooms and System Tutorials that pay you to learn about the System. 

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