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Entrepreneur Upgrade – What is it? – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 31:46 mark and talk about the Entrepreneur Upgrade. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Entrepreneur Upgrade

Entrepreneur Upgrade

In the upgrade to entrepreneur you will establish your 100% matching airdrop on all referrals, you will build quality leads in place of friends, you will join our ad co-op, you will also receive additional revenue, receive additional leads. You'll get 10 plus traffic portals. You'll be entered into our exclusive banner program for free and you will receive 100% investments shares on all referrers to your ICO portal. We'll talk about that in a minute.

You will be entered into our loyalty award program. Prepay one year of your entrepreneur upgrade in advance or twelve consecutive payments, that means not missing a payment and receive one tenth of an active not a shadow, an active ILP share. This could be worth a lot of money. It is our way to thank you for being involved with us in this upgrade. This gives a door to those people who otherwise would not be able to or to buy an ICO or an ILP in our case. It only cost $100 per month. 

Here's an example of what you'll receive from an associate. You receive additional connections, social network links, verified phone, verified email, verified text. You can set the events with them into the calendar and you can make dated notes on them. So as you can see here now that this person is a associate lead instead of just a Facebook type friend. They've set up their social pages pages which they will get rewarded for doing, I now can message them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Vimeo, etc. I have access to their email address, I can text them, their phone number been verified, I can call them on the phone. So this is probably the best lead program ever developed on the Internet.

AD Co-op

So in our Ad co-op you get your share of new signups generated by Markethives million-dollar campaigns. Our goal is to reach one to two billion subscribers and Markethive, through aggressive marketing, we will be able to do this by the number of  money machine traffic portals that we build, the upgrades within our system and the investments coming in through our ILP. We'll be publishing the Coin Telegram, USA Today, CNN, Assisi ad, BTC Network, Bitcoin News, Google+, YouTube. We will be spending millions of dollars and all of that those new signups coming in will be rotated and delivered equitably to all of our upgrade entrepreneurs.


Speaking of portals we also have an exchange portal, our Bee Lancers a freelancer type portal, our Hive Room for our webinars, Big kaboodle which is a WIX type system, Cryptoponics, about Bitcoin which is a news site, we have many of these being built so there's literally, down the road, there will be hundreds of these traffic portals, we also call them money machines. They will be producing a tremendous amount of revenue which will be shared with you as an entrepreneur. They also produce a tremendous amount of traffic so every single one of those sites that somebody subscribes to, you will get your share of those as Markethive Associates.

As an entrepreneur you get an exclusive banner advertising program, it's included, it's unlimited ad banners and these ad banners are published throughout all Markethive properties, so your ad banner will will be exposed to the hundreds of traffic portals that we will have right now we have ten and throughout the Markethive system, all included with your $100.

Our Crowdfunding

While our crowdfunding exists, you as an entrepreneur upgrade you'll get your own crowdfunding site. In other words, you'll be able to send people to a permalink that you get when you upgrade to entrepreneur that shows our Markethive offer, our crowdfunding offer, how much it costs and what it does and what you get. When a person that comes through your crowdfunding site and signs up and buys one of our shares, you know, like the typical ICO, you will get a matching share, call the shadow share. A shadow share is no different than a normal share other than that it doesn't activate and share the profits until the crowdfunding program comes to completion, then you will have your own founding shares. This is an extremely lucrative offer from us.

We are going to have one more offer that we just added to all entrepreneur upgrades and that is we are going to award you a loyalty award for staying active with the entrepreneur program consecutively for for 12 months and we will reward you with a one tenth ILP share upon completion of those twelve consecutive paid months. So what that means is you're going to get a one tenth of an ILP share which will be part of all the ILP shares that we're selling this is only going to be good for the first 1,000 people who sign up. This can mean significant income for you for the rest of your life. Especially, if we should attain levels of growth like LinkedIn and Facebook which we fully expect to do. 


Basically, we've become a universal income for entrepreneurs, we are the eco system for entrepreneurs and whereas you get paid to engage, in other words, we are going to pay you to build your business.

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