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Email Marketing – Free Marketing Tool Number 2– Markethive

The Video above will start at the 16:17 mark and talk about the Content Marketing Section. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing system has a 97.6% delivery into the inbox unlike the others that you may know, tout that they give a 70-80 % delivery, whereas more than half that delivery is into the spam folder.

Markethive utilizes mail servers running from the Amazon cloud. Amazon demands perfect email practices. Therefore, our technology solution for attaining “leads” (Name, Email, Social Network, Phone, Source) is unique. We reject the old practice of a capture page with fields asking for “Name”, “Email”, “Phone”, etc. accompanied by a Submit button.

We utilize OAuth technology and have innovated a (patent pending) solution we simply call “One Click” submission. No fields to fill out, no “SUBMIT” button to push, no “instructions” to open your email client and retrieve the verification email and another link to click on to complete a process that is not secure, and guarantees a spam trap free process.

Our process offers a selection of popular Social Networks to subscribe with. One simply taps the icon of choice. If the prospect is already logged into said Social Network, the process is completed instantaneously. “One Click” means just that. In that simple one click decision, you, the Markethive member, just received a true verified batch of date (Name, Email, and Social Network).

In that moment of decision, the desired results are instant. In the notoriously abusive option, each action allows the subscriber to “not continue”. A Name and Email Field and Submit button equate to 3 steps, then navigating and opening the mail client, finding the verification email and clicking on the email link equate another 3 steps with a minimum of 6 steps, each step offering the potential subscriber, to reconsider and stop the process.

All of the above leads to the fact that our email system delivers 97.6% to the inbox and not to the Spam Folder. 

With our email autoresponders you can have a unlimited number of campaigns and you can have an unlimited number of subscribers. With all of the other auto responder companies  the more successful you are the amount you have to pay each month increases. You get Markethive's Auto Responder System for Free. 

We also have email broadcasting system so that any time you want to
publish out to your database or to a selection of your different databases with lead categories you can. At any time you can refer back to your email broadcasting history so as to see the response to any particular email. 

Is it time that you stopped paying those monthly fees to the Auto Responder Companies and get Markethive's Auto Responder System?

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