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Do the Social Networks Pay You for Creating Content for their Network?

Markethive Universal Income

07/14/2018 Belen, NM

Do the Social Networks Pay You for Creating Content for their Network?

Reason #5

Why Markethive is the Go To Social/Marketing Network

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First, here are a few questions.

Does Facebook pay you for all the content that you create for them?

Does Linkedin pay you for all of the content that you create for them?

Does Twitter pay you for all of the content that you create them?

Does Google + pay you for all the content that you create for them?


We all know the answer is NO!


Markethive, a social/marketing network, takes a different view about the content that is provided by you to their network.

Markethive will pay you a micro payment for all the content that you provide to the system.

 Markethive Airdrops

The first income that you will receive is 500 free Markethive Crypto Coin when Markethive implements what is called an Airdrop. An Airdrop is when a company gives away an amount of their Crypto coins when do a task. To become eligible to receive Markethive coins you just have to join Markethive for free and verify your account.

You will have the option to keep your Markethive coin until a later date and then sell them for another crypto coin or for fiat currency. Our tutorials will guide you in doing that.

Right from the beginning you are up 500 coins.

Markethive Universal Income

Micro payments are paid for many tasks in the network. In order to activate your micro payments you will need to refer 3 people that also join Markethive and receive 500 coins when the Airdrop happens.

The first tasks that you will want to complete are the Step by Step Tutorials. Yes, you will get paid to learn about the system, about Inbound Marketing, etc. Are you getting excited! We are giving Universal Income a new meaning.

Next is everyday tasks such as writing a blog post, commenting on other blog posts you will get paid a micro payment to do that. They are thinking about taking away the Like Button and putting in a tip jar. When you see that a person has written a good article, then you can reward them with a tip. People are more likely to write good content because if they don’t they won’t be recognized for doing so.

These micro payments are available to everyone. You could be earning extra money while building your business with the many tools that Markethive has. 


If you want to take things up a notch there will be one upgrade level for $100 per month.


For $100 per month you can get the following:

Includes the free features


You will get a unique vanity address.

When anyone joins using your link they will get the 500 free coins and you will get a matching bonus of 500 free coins.

There are two memberships – Friends and Associates. New Registrations coded to your account are called associates.

Associates (leads) have verified cell phone numbers, verified email, 1 or more social accounts, IP address and geo location.

As an upgraded member you will be part of the Advertising Marketing Co-op. Your share of new associates signing up through Markethive campaigns.

Activation of 10+ portals. Portals like a website maker, Press Release website, hiveroom (conference room) and many more. Each portal will be coded to Associates and they will add to the income you can earn from Markethive. There will be likely be more than 10 portals as the need arises.

Exclusive free Banner advertising through out all the system and traffic portals. 3 sizes in top positions in well-traveled areas.

Exclusive self-replicated ICO like ILP investment site where new investors are coded to you earning additional ILP notes shares. When someone decides to do an ILP (Initial Loan Procurement) through your replicated page you will get a shadow note of the same value.


Exciting times!



Richard Mathiason

Markethive Associate



If you would like to join us then go to: 


 and sign up for free

P.S. When you sign up for free you will be eligible to receive 500 free Markethive Crypto Coins when they do what is called an Airdrop.