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Conference Rooms, System Tutorials, Social Media – Free Marketing Tool Number 6,7,8 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 19:45 mark and talk about the Conference Rooms, System Tutorials and Social Media System. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Conference Rooms - Markethive

Conference Rooms

There is a Calendar for Events. Our event webinars hook into your calendar so others will know that you are going to have a seminar. Our webinars are slated to have an avatar engine which means that you can set up an avatar that is completely and totally animated to the particulars of your voice. The eyes blink, faces contort and change and the mouth moves and talks as though it's three-dimensional. Our webinar systems come with whiteboards and desktop share and they hook into your calendar. Here is another item you can stop paying as our conference are free and are part of the system.

System Tutorials - Markethive

System Tutorials

One of the greatest things that we have in Markethive is our Systems Tutorial Hub.
This is an easy one step at a time lesson and we start out for the very simplest processes in Markethive, first of all, setting up your profile page. Each completed lesson earns you an accolade on your profile page and also earns you Markethive Coin and you must complete each lesson to unlock the following lesson. So in taking our tutorial hub, it's as simple as watching a video, click on the link and go do what the video said and come back and now it's activated. You get paid and you get the accolade and you go on to the next lesson. It's very easy to do and it is also very rewarding.

Social Media - Markethive

Social Media System

Our Social Media System is a private social network and what I mean by that is we do not track you, we do not face recognized you, we do not drop cookies on you, it's a private social network. We don't even send out emails that have sprits in them that track whether you open the email up or not. We take privacy very seriously. We even set it up so that when you do your Know Your Customer, where you have to upload your upload your ID and stuff to prove you that you are you, that is completely encrypted onto a wallet that you download so that you control all of your privacy. We don't.In our social media we have group messaging, we have software-as-a-service integration of subscriptions, broadcasting, collaboration, ecosystem. There's no other social media out there that even compares to what we're doing.

The next post will talk about Campaigns, Groups and Privacy.

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