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Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes - Science of Mind

A Primer for Living a Life


Spiritual Mind Healing

What Can Be Healed?

What should we tried to heal through spiritual treatment? If we were dealing only with the power of thought, we should not expect to heal anything; but if we are dealing with a Universal Principle, why should we set any limit to Its power?

Since the Law of God is Infinite, from the spiritual viewpoint, there is no incurable disease, as opposed to a italics one. The law knows nothing about disease; it only acts. The practitioner realizes that his word is the presence, power, and activity of Truth, which is in him, which is Almighty, which is God, “Beside which there is none other.”

Possibility of spiritual mind healing, changing environment, controlling conditions, etc., through the power of right thinking, rests entirely upon the theory that we are surrounded by universal mind, which reacts to our thought – and always according to Law.

This word is the law onto the thing where unto it is spoken, and has within itself the ability, the power, and the intelligence, to execute itself, through the great Law of all life. This word being the spontaneous recognition of Living Spirit – Infinite, Ever–Present, and Active – is now made manifest in and through this person, or thing, about which the practitioner is thinking.

Two spirit there can be no incurable disease. The word “incurable” means not susceptible of being cured. The root definition of cured is “cared for.” If we say that a disease is incurable, we are saying that is not sensitive to care. As long as any cell is alive it is sensitive to care, which means that as long as a person is alive, the cells of the body respond to care. Naturally, they are not being cured if they are not being properly cared for. We have already learned that disease is largely a state of mind, and we could hardly say that a state of mind is incurable, could we? We know that thought is constantly changing, forever taking on new ways of expression. It cannot possibly remain permanent. It has to change. Can we not, accordingly, change it to a better state instead of to a worse?

Materia medica is using the term “incurable” less and less frequently, for most disease in the field of medicine is being cured. Let us then free ourselves from the assumption that any disturb state of thought need be permanent (“incurable”).


Your Words are Powerful

Credit: Holmes, Ernest (1998-08-24). The Science of Mind: The Definitive Edition (p. 215 – 216). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition. 

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Be Still and Know the Power and Presence of God

Be Still and Know the Power and Presence

Be Still and Know the Power

Be Still and Know

Be Still


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