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Campaigns Management, Groups – Free Marketing Tool Number 9,10 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 22:06 mark and talk about the Campaigns Management and Groups. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Campaigns - Markethive

Campaign Management

We have a thing called the campaign management which keeps track of your advertising vendors, your backlink tracking, your advertising co-op, your account wallet, your website rotator and tinyurl.

So let's talk about the the advertising co-op. You can set a co-op within the Markethive system where other people can join your co-op by making payments to you. You keep track of the payments coming in and you charge so much for a share. A person wants to buy one share, three shares, five shares. When you're all completed and you finish it it activates the rotator which is that gives you a small address that you put into your ads you run your ads the ads then send traffic to that rotator which then rotates it accordingly to the shares that you sold in your co-op.

Our Accounts Wallet 

This is an encrypted wallet within Markethive that keeps track of all of your accounts out there so if you've got Facebook accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Instagram, Pinterest WordPress, Diigo, Delicious, all the different accounts out there. Even if they're third-party accounts that really have nothing to do with your marketing campaign, this is a place where you can keep track of all that so that something happens to your computer you have access to it through our account wallet.

Our Website Rotator works within our groups and people join into the group you can set that rotator up so that if they're working and collaborating on a job you can have a common link that rotates accordingly to the people in the group. Along with that we have tiny urls. I'm sure you know what those are. 

Groups - Markethive


Speaking of groups, Markethive groups have an attendance monitor that's really nice to know. Unlike any other groups out there in our group system you can see what the the rating is of every member in there, how often do they log in, do they publish blogs, have they made comments into the newsfeed, have they updated their profile page, all that stuff gives them a ranking of ABCD or F so you can weed out the people who join your group, who don't do anything.

The Markethive group system also has a self-replication system. So, in there as an admin, you can create capture pages, you can create survey pages, widgets autoresponders and assign those into that group, so any member that joins that group clicks on that capture page, clicks on those autoresponders, clicks on any of those things and it's customized for them because of the nature of the database you can do this. This is an easy thing to do. So you could go into a group and create a set of capture pages, rotators, surveys, customize PDFs, business cards, Flyers, postcards, group blogs so you can collaborate and all of you can be contributing to the blogging platform. Our groups make it a very collaborative system and to be able to leverage incredible success.