Getting More Page 1 Search Engine Listings – What and Why?


What are Page 1 Search Engines Listings?

Let’s use as an example, that a potential customer is looking for “life insurance” in the search box of a search engine. The results that they see are Page 1 search engine listings. The goal for any business is to have their website be one of the 8-10 websites listed on that Page 1 for the keyword “life insurance”. 

So, as you can see that is one page one search listing. With regular SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion) the business can get 1-3 keywords to page 1 over time. What about the many other keywords?

Why do you want to be on Page 1 when someone is searching for “life insurance”? It is probably obvious that Page 1 searching listings get your website the most traffic or people clicking on your link  and going to your website. Most people search only page 1 listings and no further. 

What can You or I do to get more than 1-3 keywords to Page 1 in the search listings? I use a program called Mass Page Creator. You can buy the program and do what I do, but there is a big learning curve. Or, you can let me do it for you, without having to learn the program. 

Mass Page Creator allows a person to create thousands of pages, each being unique. Instead of 1-3 keywords, the program can use 50 to 100+ keywords. Next, the program allows us to add city-state pairs to the mix. If you want to cover your state,five states, or the country the program can do that. I usually create a minimum of 5000+ pages, but the program can build 100,000, 200,000 or more pages.

Taking the example of the 5000+ pages, each one of those pages is unique based on a city, state, keyword, subkeyword. The program creates white hat pages that the search engines like and will index or approve. Does it make sense that when the search engines index 5000+ pages on your website, that your business will have 5000+ more opportunities to have a potential client find your website and give you a call?

This is very powerful. 

A testimony from Rev. Bruce Byers on facebook. 


Bruce R. Byers

Bruce R. Byers 

 Richard is one of the reasons my wedding business does as well as it does. In 2014 I went full time and had Richard redo my website. In the three years since then Richard has done my SEO, both static and dynamic. Because of his work we average over 10,000 visit to our website per year. We currently did our 258th ceremony for 2017 and are looking forward to our best year, well exceeding both number of ceremonies and income generated year over year for each year Richard has done both our website and SEO. Use this guy, period.

Richard Mathiason

Richard Mathiason

 Thank You, Bruce!

Here is a PDF file with Search Listings for over 350 keywords for Rev. Bruce’s website. You can find the Search Listing position under Google. Any number under 11 is on the first page of Google. 
I trust that you now see how by creating extra pages for your website you are giving your new potential client many more ways to find your website. 
Thank You!

Mass Pages Creation - More Page 1 Listings

Richard Mathiason