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Airdrops, Micro Payments, Profile Page – Free Marketing Tool Number 14,15,16 – Markethive

The Video above will start at the 28:15 mark and talk about the Airdrops, Micro Payments, Profile Page. You can always go back to the beginning of the Video to watch the complete overview of Markethive.

Airdrops - Markethive


Markethive will integrate an airdrop called the Infinity Airdrop. So in other words if you understand or you remember the history of PayPal and Dropbox how PayPal gave $20 to every person who signed up and $20 to every person that introduced that person to sign up, they went from just a couple thousand subscribers to tens of million subscribers practically overnight they are now a fifty billion dollar company because of that. That was the predecessor to the airdrop. There are other companies that are doing this now like a EOS and Tron and others and they have turned their coin to be very valuable coin because of these airdrops. Now their air drops are intermittent in sparse. Markethive is an infinity airdrop. Our first airdrop campaign is going to be 500 coins and there is a 100 percent matching bonus of those 500 coins to qualified refers. So, if you refer if you're qualified you've upgraded  to entrepreneur and you refer a thousand people to sign up into Markethive through your profile page you will earn 500 thousand coins.

Micro Payments - Markethive

Micro Payment System

We also have a micro payment system if you're familiar with faucets in the crypto arena which a faucet is a website that you go to and you'll answer some questions, you solve a security CAPTCHA, you put in your Bitcoin or your Ethereum wallet address, you punch a button and it sends you a couple of so you know 10 20 50 100 200 Satoshi's. Well those are called micro payments the way our system works is that everything you do in Markethive, we pay you micro payments, you make a capture page you get paid micro payments, you make a group, you get paid, you publish to the news feed, you get paid, you comment to the newsfeed, you get paid, you create a blog, you get paid, people subscribe to it, you get paid, but you must refer three to activate this system, so whether you upgrade to entrepreneur or not, is irrelevant. If you sign up into Markethive you want to activate the micro payments you must refer three people and this can easily develop a lifetime income for you this is better than faucets because you can concentrate all your energy into Markethive. So what's happening is you're actually building experience and you're building a sphere of influence your building leads and you're building a business and getting paid to do it. There's one exception to this, the tutorial system does not require referring three to activate. The tutorial system will pay you for taking the tutorials right off the get-go.

Profile Page

Profile Page

You get a profile page. We talked about this earlier. It captures associate level quality customers when you upgrade to entrepreneur. The profile page includes images, videos, blog posts, resume, social networks and links hub and by referring three people it activates the universal income(micro payments) and it will receive 100% matching coin from all direct registrations via infinity airdrop campaigns when you upgrade to entrepreneur.

So , that is what you get for being a Free Member of Markethive. 

The next post will talk about Upgrading to Entrepreneur, which is never required.

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