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About Me

My name is Richard Mathiason.
I live in New Mexico with my wife Kathy and our two dogs.

I created this Video to say HI and to give you a quick overview of my experience.

I worked as Electronic Technician and a Technical Manager for 23 plus years.
I worked in Cable TV,Satellite Communications and Fiber Optic Communications.

With the downturn in the economy back in 2004, our whole division of the company was laid off.
I opted to be self-employed and before the layoff I had taught myself how to create websites.

I create WordPress and Html websites.

I figured out quickly that it wasn't enough to have a small website.
With regular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you might get 2 or 3 Page 1 Search listings in the search engines.
One should be able get more page 1 search listings.
I searched quite a while for a way to do that.
About a year and a half ago I found a program that could do that.

With the program I was able to consistently get websites more than two or three page 1 search listings. One of my clients has 70 Page 1 Search Listings. I cannot guarantee the number of Page 1 Search Listings, but my experience shows that there will be more than 2 or 3 Page 1 Search Listings. Page 1 Search Listings are so important because that is where the majority of Traffic comes from.

Here is an example of a website that I created and added more than 5000+ pages.


A testimony from Rev. Bruce Byers on facebook.

Bruce R. ByersBruce R. Byers Richard is one of the reasons my wedding business does as well as it does. In 2014 I went full time and had Richard redo my website. In the three years since then Richard has done my SEO, both static and dynamic. Because of his work we average over 10,000 visit to our website per year. We currently did our 225th ceremony for 2017 and are looking forward to our best year, well exceeding both number of ceremonies and income generated year over year for each year Richard has done both our website and SEO. Use this guy, period.

Richard Mathiason

Richard Mathiason Thank You, Bruce!

Here is a PDF file with Search Listings for over 350 keywords for Rev. Bruce's website. You can find the Search Listing position under Google. Any number under 11 is on the first page of Google.

Search Listings for 350 Searches.

The short version of what I do is create a minimum of 5000+ extra pages for a client's website. This gives their potential new customer 5000+ more ways to find that website.

I am an affiliate for some programs and at this point in my life they have to be top notch and evergreen. When I promote something I do my homework on it and so should you.

I thank all of you on my email lists. I attempt to bring you information and products that you can use now and into the future to help your business.

Thanks for watching!

All the Best!


Richard Mathiason

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