The "If You Build It (A Website), They Will Come" Myth

A Solution to Getting Traffic, Customers, Buyers to Your Website

"Imagine how much traffic your website would get if it had 600 indexed pages or 1600 indexed pages and more,  all working in the background."

Let's Begin with the headline above,  The "If You Build It (A Website), They Will Come" Myth 

In the real world one cannot expect to have anyone come to the website just because it has been built. It is like building a new house but not letting anyone know where it is. Nothing has been done to let anyone know that the website is there.  As one who has built websites since 2000, this is the biggest problem that I saw for people and business when having a website. The work has only begun in regards to getting web traffic to your website.

​So, what can you do to get your website traffic, opt-ins, customers and buyers?

    • You need to make sure that, whoever builds your website, they let Google know that they you have a new website. This can be done by using Google Webmaster Tools. If this has never been done, you can do it yourself at any time.
    • You can and you should write consistent, relevant posts about your business. 
    • You need to syndicate the posts to get the maximum coverage and views.
    • Here are some links that I researched that give you recommendations on getting your website noticed. 

      101 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

      17 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic

      24 Ways to Get Traffic

      The Tips above are great, but only if you take action and do them. Many businesses just do not the time to do that. This problem created an opportunity for me and...

My Goal  became, "How to find a way to get a New or Older Website, Web Traffic in a short time. 

Information About Richard Mathiason

Before I continue with the Search here is a little information about myself that will shed some light on why I can help you with getting Traffic to your websites.

Richard Mathiason

Richard Mathiason

I have been a Electronics Technician for most of my life before teaching myself how to create websites.

Being a technician required that I had to find and fix whatever problem​ that was presenting itself.

I worked in Cable TV, Satellite Communications back when the satellite antennas were 18 meters wide or bigger. 

I worked with Fiber Optic Equipment on a Network in the State of New Mexico.

Finally, I was a Technical Manager overseeing crews that Installed Fiber Optic Cable, Ethernet Cable and more at military bases. I had a lot of experience with being called upon any time of day, weekend, holiday, etc. to fix problems. ​

​The experience taught me to be persistent and never give up on finding an answer. 

Finding the Answer After a Long Search

My search began for a program that I could use to get my clients websites indexed (accepted) by the Search Engines and generating leads.​ When you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) one can only focus on one or two keywords that someone might be searching. What I wanted was a way to get as many pages, with each having a single keyword focus, indexed or recognized by the Search Engines. That turned out to be a tall order. 

Once again, my persistence or my being so stubborn, paid off. I found a program that could create 100's of pages (pages based upon the main website),   pages that the search engines like to see, within a short amount of time. The next hurdle was the learning how to make the pages. It was a fairly steep learning curve and I was able to master it after a few months of trial and error. 

How Does That Discovery Help You?

Most websites that are created probably have 10 to 15 pages, maximum. I add 600 to 1000 pages or more if you want which will do the following:

  1. It will allow us to cover all of the keywords that people would be searching that pertain to your business.
  2. I can combine those keywords with city, state pairs so that we can cover all of the cities that you do business.  
  3. I submit what is called a sitemap for all of those pages to Google in order for them to index them in their search engine. The time it takes to get the pages indexed is totally up to Google. Once they get indexed, there will be a greater chance that your website will be shown for a search of the keywords that we used to make the pages.
  4. The greater the number of pages that your website has, the better it looks to Google and it gains more authority. 

An Example of What I do for a Website

Here are 600 pages that were created for

This is a sitemap and when you click on the links you will come to the pages.

Here is A Website Traffic Solutionthat Will Help You get your New or Old Website noticed by The Search Engines

Option 1

600 pages for $300

Option 2​

1000 pages for $500 

Option 3​

Wordpress Website and a 1000 pages for $995

"You Matter - Your are a Genious and the World needs Your Contributions” - Richard Mathiason

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